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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve Got Questions - We’ve Got Answers

Q: How do I get legally get married in Nova Scotia?

A: To be married in Nova Scotia you must have a valid marriage license and you must apply in person to a Deputy Issuer of Marriage Licences in your community.  Here is a summary of the license requirements in Nova Scotia:


Q: How do I reserve my date?

A: We require a 25% deposit and signed contract to secure your date and time. Balance is due two weeks before your ceremony.


Q: What if we need to cancel or reschedule?

A: We know the unforeseeable happens. We will do our best to pivot and accommodate changes if they’re made at least two weeks prior to the ceremony.  Cancellations more than two weeks ahead of the ceremony date will forfeit 50% of the deposit. Cancellations within 2 weeks of the ceremony will forfeit 50% of the total package price. There will be no forfeit of deposit to reschedule.

Q: Can I add extra guests?

A: The Lakeside chapel seats 20 guests for your ceremony. You, your partner, and two witnesses are not included in this number. Weather happens, we must stick with this number to ensure everyone can fit inside the Lakeside in the event of bad weather. 


Q: Can children attend?

A: Children that require their own seat during the ceremony will be counted as a seated guest. Infants and toddlers on laps do not. The Lakeside is as the name implies on the water. Adult supervision is always required for all children while on the property. The safety of our guests is paramount.

Q: Can I bring my own photographer?

A: Sure. We will be taking some photos for use on our website and social media. All our photos will be shared with you. There is no additional fee added.

Q: Are there washrooms on site?

A: We do have a porta potty on site and freshwater foot pump water sink. Because the Lakeside is directly next to the lake, a plumbed bathroom was not an option. The washroom is located halfway between the Lakeside and parking. 


Q: Does the Lakeside Chapel have kitchen facilities?

There are no kitchen facilities. Please contact us if you want to bring food, have a caterer or a food truck.

Caterers must be professionally licensed and provide proof of liability insurance.


Q: Can we bring alcohol? We are in the process of reviewing the Special Occasion License site requirements. 

A: We cannot provide or sell alcohol. If the site is approved for alcohol, an application for a special occasion license must be submitted at least 10 business days before the date of the event that the license is for. All alcohol brought on the property must be purchased under that license. The Lakeside does not tolerate drinking and driving. Responsible consumption only will be allowed. Special Occasion Liquor Licence (class 1, 2 and 3) - Government of Nova Scotia

Q: Can we show up early to get dressed?

A: We ask that the couple and guests come dressed for the ceremony. No bridal suite will be provided. We ask that guests show up no earlier than 20 minutes ahead of time to allow for parking and the walk down to the Lakeside.

Q: Where do we park?

A: We have room for 9 vehicles in the driveway. We can fit another 4 off the side of the driveway. If possible, ask your guests to carpool as this is a residential street. We ask that guests fill the driveway spaces before parking on the road. If roadside parking is necessary, guests must park past the driveway on the right-hand side only. Please communicate this with your guests.

Q: Some guests cannot walk the distance down to the Lakeside, what do we do?

A: Please let us know in advance if you have guests that will need assistance getting down to the water.  The walk is about 400 feet on grass a with a gentle slope down to the water. 

Q: What type of footwear should we wear?

A: While we love a beautiful pair of heels, you will be walking on grass. A pair of flats or wedges will be more user friendly for the walk. Of course, you can change into heels before you walk down the aisle.

Q: What about music?

A: You can pick your own music for the ceremony. We can make suggestions if your stuck on what to walk down the isle to. Our obsession with a well curated playlists is real. We have you covered for instrumental and cocktail music. If you have your own list or have a few songs you need sprinkled in the mix let us know. We use Apple Music and ask that your playlist be shared with us so we can play off our devices.

Q: Can we decorate?

A: We are decorated and ready to go with neutral earth tones, florals, candles and wood grained finishes. Our space is a balance of contemporary style with the warmth and timelessness appreciated in traditional design. Please check out our photo gallery for what you can expect. We have 4 arbors to choose from for interior weddings and a variety of flowers to choose from for the arbor. You can bring your own with advance notice.  No need to DIY and become a Pinterest addict. We’ve thoughtfully designed a beautiful atmosphere for you.  

Q: Is the Lakeside Chapel air conditioned and heated?

Yes. The Chapel space does have air conditioning and heat.   

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